A Hero’s Story: Life of a RareJob Father

by Daphnee Mateo | July 9, 2019

Employee Journals

Not all heroes wear capes; some of them wear what’s inside your dad’s closet.

Sometimes, it’s not always about doing something extraordinary like saving the day from bad guys to see the true measure of a champion. Tirelessly working in the office, raging against traffic, and still having the strength to ask their families about their day is incredible in itself.

RareJob recently honored the dads of the company with a mini-event in time for Fathers’ Day last June 14, 2019. In line with the celebration, we interviewed one of our employees, Mr. Arnold Pagatpatan, about his experience of how it is taking on the role of being a first-time dad & working full-time for us.


A year into their marriage, the journey peppered with prayers for a child and false alarms, God finally blessed Kuya Arnold and his wife with a handsome, healthy baby boy last January 28, 2019. He was really excited to be a father, but he knew being a father doesn’t only begin when the baby’s out; for this daddy, fatherhood began the moment his child was conceived. From then on, Kuya Arnold embarked on a journey of being a dad.


He learned that sacrifice comes hand in hand with the blessing of their little boy, and to their children who have yet to come. Kuya Arnold also recounted the times when he sacrificed his jeepney fare and chose to walk to work just so he could save enough for his family. All throughout these instances, he doesn’t only find time to be a responsible father to his son, but also a loving husband to his wife.According to him, he rarely experiences being honored for his role as a father, especially in the workplace. He’s been with a number of companies before, but never did he have a company that took the time to appreciate and show gratitude to fathers.


Until now.

RareJob celebrated Father’s Day with mini games, simple but fun prizes, and exhibited photos of all RareJob Daddies to recognize all the hardships and sacrifices they make for the sake of their families. It may seem like a small gesture to some, but for daddies like Kuya Arnold, it meant a lot to be honored and appreciated. It was a brief stress buster for him, and for that he was thankful.

He is grateful to RareJob for giving him the experience and opportunity to be part of a community that honors and respects being a working daddy.


RareJob is committed to providing chances for everyone, everywhere; this does not stop at just providing professional opportunities, but extends possibilities for growth in our personal roles, may it be as a father, a mother, a son or a daughter. RareJob will always consider its employees’ families part of RareJob’s family too – and that is a benefit no other benefits can top.