A New Hire’s Journey: e-Meeting the CEO

by Lora Guevarra | July 19, 2023

Employee Journals

I joined Rarejob as an Applicant Evaluator last March 2023; our team is responsible for screening tutor applicants by conducting the Basic Skills Evaluation. However, it wasn’t the beginning of my RJPH journey as I was once a freelance tutor myself. I taught GE lessons and was eventually accepted as a Premium Tutor, conducting FTL lessons.

I consider my employment with the company as a blessing beyond measure.  I am one of the many who can attest that RareJob truly provides chances to everyone, everywhere and it stays true to its vision as it continues to enrich the lives of its people.


Working from home, I am able to deliver and fulfill my daily tasks and duties because the company provided all the necessary tools and equipment while technology addresses the need to connect and interact with our team members and colleagues. I look forward to work on-site but this current set-up has its advantages and safety is at the top of the list. Notwithstanding, the company’s initiatives to hold occasional on-site trainings and team/department activities help us strengthen our work relationships.  I was ecstatic to meet some of our managers and senior staff members who’ve been with the company for many years during one of the on-site activities.  They were very jolly, kind and welcoming; I said to myself, I am in the right workplace.

Our regular virtual company events, General and Department Assemblies keep us updated and involved.  The assemblies remind us of our respective department mandates, targets and initiatives to solidify our commitment to the company’s growth and success.  And I have to tell you, RareJob knows how to have fun with its events and celebrations!

But let me share one of the most significant virtual activities I have attended: the e-Meet the CEO.  This is a standard component of the New Hire Orientation program here in RareJob, but not a common practice in the corporate world.  It started with our CEO, Yasushi Nishijo-san’s introduction which gave us a glimpse of his career background and achievements.  He also shared valuable points to help us understand how we can effectively contribute to the company: to be aligned with and take part as a member of the RJPH group, to be flexible and to welcome changes, to meet and even exceed our targets and finally, to enjoy our work!


The next activity allowed us to be a little more casual and spontaneous with Yasu-san as we shared a fair amount of personal facts and minutiae.  He was very pleasant as he engaged with all of us; he was asking questions and sharing details about some of our interests that he can identify with.  This helped ease our reservation to ask questions during the Q & A and we felt that he was delighted to answer all of them.  It was an honor and a privilege for a new hire like me to meet the CEO even in a virtual set-up.  The experience made us feel welcome as new members of this family.  Getting to know our CEO encouraged us to carry on with the company’s culture because we gained a better understanding of the vision of the company in the perspective of Yasu-san himself.


I just celebrated my fourth month with RareJob a few days ago.  My excitement and enthusiasm to come to work everyday remains because the company knows how to take care of its people and its unique culture will make you want to stay.  From my tutor days up to the present, RareJob remained consistent in its commitment to provide the most ideal working environment; it does not only provide jobs but it changes lives.  If you chance upon the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary company, do not let it pass and prepare to be amazed!