Beautiful Inside Out: RareJob’s First Alternative Learning Workshop

by Ella Rose Galang | September 30, 2019

Employee Journals

Sometimes, the ‘I woke up like this’ look simply won’t cut it when it comes to presenting yourself; as someone who comes to work with nothing on my face but pressed powder and lip balm, this experience came as a total shocker to me.

Last August 16, 2019, I sat down with several female RareJob employees as Ms. Kath Guevarra, the manager of Tutor Qualification and Development Department, presented the lowdown on the benefits of wearing makeup and having a skincare routine. My confusion was replaced by enlightenment as I learned about the dos and don’ts of using cosmetics and skincare products.

The event, called the Makeup and Skincare Workshop, was part of RareJob’s newest initiative, the Alternative Learning Experience sessions. Each session aims to provide employees opportunities to acquire new skills through unconventional yet effective ways.


For this session, I learned that more than just applying cosmetics, like blushes, lipsticks, and mascaras, I also need to maintain a consistent skincare routine. I didn’t know that there are specific products to use before going to bed, after waking up, and before leaving for work.

Aside from skincare, I also learned about properly putting on makeup. You have to choose the proper shades because there are pigments that would and would not work with a certain skin type and color. Apart from that, a person’s face shape should also be considered, especially when prepping the eyebrows.

The whole session wasn’t just about self-pampering and enhancing one’s appearance. It’s more than just a way to look great in selfies. It actually has a more profound meaning, which is presenting one’s self with confidence.

Personally, I’ve greatly benefited from the workshop because I applied what I learned right after. Being part of the Operations Department, I’ve experienced conducting various meetings and discussions with different clients.

Presenting myself with a little bit of makeup really does wonders for my confidence, making it easier to carry myself with poise. It definitely gets easier to make eye contact and to talk in front of an audience when I know I look good.

Not only did the workshop boost my self-confidence professionally, it also made me realize that self-care is one of the things I should prioritize.

It boosts my self-esteem, especially when I’m interacting with different kinds of people within and outside the workplace. Aside from that, I became more conscious of how I look every day. From short daily routines to occasional pampering sessions, I found out more about the value of taking time to step back and just pamper myself.


Through the workshop, I also realized that putting in the effort to look my best is also a way of showing I respect the people with. Now, I simply can’t imagine facing clients and superiors looking like I literally just got out of bed!

RareJob promotes these types of initiatives as a way to not only focus on honing employee skills that are directly related to tasks and responsibilities but also to highlight the well-being and morale of its employees. After all, employees shine even brighter when they do their job well and look good while doing so!