Breaking Barriers: Getting to Know the CEO through Virtual Meetings

by Rodelyn Mangulad | July 25, 2022

Employee Journals

I have been working at RareJob Philippines Inc. since October 2020 as a Senior Financial Reporting and Compliance Accountant. I am in charge of assisting with the external audit and the preparation of the annual audited financial statements of the company and its subsidiaries. It is also my task to ensure that the company is compliant with all the government reportorial reports.


I have always had high regard and expectations towards a CEO. The CEO’s job is like no other in the organization. He is a visionary, strategist, and ultimately responsible for every decision and action of every member of the company, including those decisions and actions of which they are not aware.

To me, a good CEO is someone who engages and motivates his employees from all ranks – from those in entry levels up to the senior executives. He is someone who can make tough, conclusive, and sometimes risky decisions expediently and is able to steer the company to stay up-to-date.


My first encounter with our CEO, Yasu-san, was when I needed something from him for the audit. At that time, I was new in the company. At first, I didn’t know how I would approach him. I knew how busy CEOs were, but during that time I saw how approachable he was, especially to someone like me who was new to the job. No matter how urgent the requests were, sooner or later he always had a reply.

This was my first time experiencing the e-meet the CEO session. Upon learning about this event, I got excited and I looked forward to our interaction with Yasu-san and knowing him personally – what he likes, his hobbies, and anything else aside from being the CEO of RareJob Philippines Inc.

What I enjoyed the most in the online session was the Ice Breaker Activity (Choco chart) and the Q&A to the CEO. Both these activities revealed something personal about the staff and Yasu-san. At the beginning of the session, it was noticed that the staff were still embarrassed to speak or participate in the activities but as time went on, the session became interactive and fun, thanks to Yasu-san because he made us feel his interest in every activity. He also seemed interested to know even the simple things about us and he willingly answered all the questions we asked about him.


It was a great opportunity meeting and knowing Yasu-san. This online session will now help align personal and company goals. Yasu-san interacting with staff could spark trust and confidence that can bridge the gap between the CEO and his employees. I believe that the most effective way to succeed in aligning goals is to always start with individuals, particularly appealing to their desire to perform well. When the employees begin taking pride in doing well, they do better and ultimately, that is when the company excels.