Like Rainfall and a Day Indoors with a Memorable Book: Life with Bonnie

by Gucci Nava | May 14, 2021

The Silver Lining

Working from home has given us quite a few benefits: skipping out on traffic entirely, a customized and comfortable working space, and more time for ourselves. Many of us who enjoy this work setup also enjoy more time with our families, pets included!

This month, Gucci Nava, Supervisor of the Operations Compliance and Policy Compliance teams, shares all about her life with Bonnie, a lovable beagle who has not just found herself a place in the Nava household, but also within Gucci’s heart.

Gucci with her favorite "officemate"

Enter Bonnie the Beagle

I used to be terribly afraid of dogs! I had an encounter in the past where a dog chased after me, and the adrenaline made me jump over a high place that I couldn’t get down from. I had to wait for my sister to find me because I couldn’t shout; I was too terrified to make a sound. After that incident, I avoided dogs and I didn’t want to have them as pets, so I asked for pet fishes and rabbits instead.

After grade school, we lost our fishes (the janitor fish eventually ate the smaller fishes, and I couldn’t forgive it, so we gave the janitor fish away), and we sent the rabbits to our uncle in the province because we couldn’t take care of all the offspring. I didn’t ask for any pet afterwards.

It was in 2013 that my younger sister adopted Bonnie, a newborn beagle, and took her home. At first, I was cautious in approaching Bonnie, but she turned out to be really sweet and adorable; I instantly loved her! Now, I absolutely adore dogs, and I’ve found a renewed appreciation for pets in general!

A fun day at the playground

I have come to understand that taking care of a dog is like taking care of a child: you have to buy them their own things, feed them, clean up after them (especially in public places—pick up the poop and throw it properly!), make sure they get complete vaccinations, set regular checkups (especially during their younger years), play with them, pay close attention to them because they can’t verbally communicate with you, and so on.

You need to be understanding and patient when taking care of pets. They aren’t “plug & play” toys, and they don’t come with instruction manuals, so make sure you commit time to get to know them.

For example, like other beagles, Bonnie is active, sensitive, and affectionate. Because of this, we make sure that she gets to expend all her energy whenever she wants by giving her lots of space where she can run around and play. Being a scent hound, Bonnie goes off sniffing almost anything and everything during walks, so we have to pay attention to whatever she checks out to make sure she doesn’t take home or eat garbage.

Bonnie’s a real sweetheart. It’s easy to make friends with her: just approach her slowly to pat her head. Oh, and she loves getting belly rubs! She’ll usually come up next to where you’re sitting, then she’d lie down with her belly facing you, so you’d automatically know what to do.

A Great Year for Bonnie

WFH = more playdates together!

Before the pandemic, I used to stay in Manila on weekdays, so that meant that I only got to see Bonnie on weekends, when I’d visit my parents in Laguna. Because I was always away on weekdays, Bonnie would get so excited as soon as she’d see me arrive at home. I’d play with her a bit outside the house even before putting down my stuff or showing myself to my parents!

She was excited to have almost everyone at home this past year, and you’d see the happiness on her. She became clingier and more sensitive! If you leave her outside the house for too long, you’d hear her whimper. She sometimes won’t even eat if you leave her eating by herself. You’ve got to watch her while she’s eating so that she’ll finish everything.

Nowadays, she spends more time indoors because everyone’s also always inside. Since beagles shed fur quite a bit, we need to sweep the floor more often. But that’s really a simple tradeoff for having your best friend with you all the time.

Apart from that, I have quicker access to stress-relief! Whenever I get tired or worn out from work, I just take a break and head to where Bonnie is. Seeing her look so happy upon seeing me always gets me and warms my heart. At least I don’t have to wait for the weekend to come just to see my baby Bonnie.

Bonnie and Me, for Years to Come

Some people get pets because pets are “cute” or they supposedly require “less commitment.” If these are your only reasons for getting a pet, then please, don’t get one at all. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, so you have to be prepared before you get a pet. Pets, especially dogs, will depend on you and will love you so much, so don’t just get a pet if you can decide to give it away if you no longer have time or resources for it. You have to be a responsible person to be able to take proper care of a pet, or any living creature, really.

In deciding on where to get pets, I suggest that you check out shelters to adopt animals. That way, you can help make space for even more animals that need rescuing. Before getting a pet, make sure to keep your valuables and fragile stuff at home out of reach, buy basic items for your pet (food, bed, hygiene products, etc.), and—I cannot stress this enough—know that you will be taking care of a baby that will never really grow up, so stay committed!

Different pets have different needs, so get to know their health and grooming requirements. Do your research and check out what’s good and what’s dangerous for your pet. Ask your vet for tips and recommendations, and make sure to schedule all the necessary vaccinations.


To me, Bonnie is rainfall, cool wind, fresh sheets, and a peaceful day indoors with a memorable book—absolute comfort. Without her, my life wouldn’t be as colorful as it is right now. She has saved me many times and has taught me love, patience, and a deeper appreciation for all creatures.

I’m glad that I’m able to work from home because it means that I can spend more time with her, to show her how much I treasure her while we’re both still alive. I’ve come to know more about her in the past year than I have in the years prior to the pandemic, and I consider this my silver lining through these hard times.