Rainy Day Blues No More!

by Cyrus Vatcha | August 29, 2019

Employee Journals

Let’s face it—commuting in the Philippines is no walk in the park.

But commuting in the rainy season, it’s another story.

We can all agree that the rainy season makes things worse for typical Filipino commuters. Lines for buses and waiting time for trains become longer, cab fares spike to an unacceptable amount, and commuters must always be ready to tread through murky bodies of water in places where there really shouldn’t be any.

If your house is near your workplace, maybe an umbrella and a jacket are all you need. However, if your home is in the province and you work in Metro Manila, you’ll be needing more than that.

Thankfully, I don’t have to deal with that anymore since I’ve started working at RareJob.

As a working student, I currently benefit from the free lodging that the company provides to its regular employees.

It is conveniently located in a flood-free area near the main office and two of the country’s premier schools, the Diliman campus of the University of the Philippines, and the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Manila University.

So, what’s the lodging like? Despite not having to pay for it, the place is actually pretty comfortable! The dorm is in a relatively quiet area, perfect for nights when I just want to close my eyes and fly to dreamland, or when I have to pour all my concentration into studying.


It’s also a step above most dormitories because employees are provided with wardrobes as well as air conditioning units!

Another important factor is the safety that RareJob lodgings provide. Aside from the security guard standing watch 24/7, living with my colleagues definitely does my heart good. Since I know the people I’m living with, I have peace of mind, as opposed to the paranoia that comes with sharing a rental space with total strangers.

Other than the dorm, I also enjoy the free shuttle service we have in RareJob!

The lodging is pretty close, but knowing how unpredictable the traffic situation gets, commuting can take more than thirty minutes! Now imagine that, plus an unexpected downpour in the morning. Not really ideal if I wake up later than usual with only a few minutes to spare before I’m tardy. My work schedule is also semi-flexible, so it really helps that the shuttle makes several, scheduled trips from our lodging to the office.

Bearing the RareJob logo, our service vehicle can comfortably accommodate up to fifteen passengers as it takes its regular route along Quezon Avenue. The drivers are both skilled and careful, so I never worry about any untoward accidents while I’m under their care! It is also noteworthy that the shuttle is well-maintained, undergoing regular maintenance and wash.


Another advantage of the shuttle service is that I never have to compete with other commuters for public utility vehicles. Never again would I have to wrestle with the throng of commuters hoping to stuff themselves into sardine cans running at twenty kilometers per hour. Never again would I have to stand by the road, pitifully drenched in a surprise afternoon squall, as I pray for some drivers to take pity and let me hop on.

Now, I do not have to worry about transportation anymore. I just go about my usual morning routine, put a jacket on and take the shuttle. I arrive at the office fresh and stress-free!

After work, I take the shuttle and arrive home in the same manner. If I fancy it, there’s also an option to get off at a mall and unwind. That is how RareJob takes care of its employees’ well-being. It really takes a lot off my plate because, from lodging to commute, rainy season or not, I get to focus more time, money, and energy on making a difference in my career and personal life.


In a city where commuting takes large chunks out of a person’s day, I really am grateful that I’m one of the people who can write that worry off. Thank you, Rarejob!