RareJob Cares: A Package for Every Employee, Everywhere

by Dhei Disonglo | September 26, 2022

Employee Journals

I remember the days when I was still looking for a job in a stable company with a unique culture and good benefits beyond just a pay bump. Salaries matter, but if given the choice between working in an organization that offers just higher pay, and one with a reputation for providing a variety of exceptional incentives and engagements, good pay, virtuous working colleagues, career growth, and other forms of recognition, I would choose the latter. That is when I found RareJob PH, where I am currently working as a Rewards and Engagement Specialist for over three years.

At this point, there is no denying that working from home is part of our new normal until the year 2024. For many of us, this is a relief as we can spend more time with our families and less time commuting. Though working from home has its efficiencies, it also can be wearisome. There comes a point where those online happy hours are not all that fun anymore. Zoom fatigue can come on strong, and leave us all in need of a little personal connection. It can be harder for employees to collaborate with team members and stay motivated to engage with work each day. That is why taking a holistic approach rooted in the concept of total rewards and engagement is so important when it comes to attracting, engaging, and retaining employees.

As part of the Talent Rewards and Engagement Team, we are continuously look for ways to make the employees engaged and feel truly valued even miles apart. We came up with the idea to help bridge the physical gap of working from home by sending a personalized gift showing genuine appreciation for employees. Because here at RareJob, after all, we care for everyone, everywhere.


What is RareJob’s care package?

RareJob’s care package is a simple way of appreciating the employees’ efforts and contributions while working at home. It contains useful items and refreshments that employees will cherish receiving as gifts. Aside from having a personal gesture, the care package can also be a great company branding as some of the items have been personalized with the RareJob logo. Not to mention, providing a care package is also a great way to greet the newly hired staff.

Our team was tasked by the top management to prepare the care packages. With the help of the Administrative team, the first batch of care packages were successfully delivered to every RareJob employee’s doorstep last March 2022. We received a lot of positive feedback and saw many appreciation posts from the employees.


The success of the first RareJob care package gave us the motivation to plan the items for the second batch. The top management also supported the proposal. For the second batch that was sent out this September 2022, aside from the snacks, stickers, and some useful items, we added a short message from our CEO Yasu-san to make the care package more special.


The second RareJob care package was also successful based on the feedback from the employees as the packages were delivered and received by the RareJob employees on time.

Salamat po sa HR for this! I heard na kayo rin daw po ulit ang nagpack ng mga ito so salamat po sa time and effort ❤️

I have received the care kit last Saturday and I can’t be any happier with the contents 🙂 Thank you so much for making us feel valued and appreciated and congratulations for a job well done 🎉

Just wanted to say thank you po for giving me the opportunity to work at RareJob. Sobra po nagagalak yung aking heart na maging part ng RJ family. I received the care package na din and todo todo po ang kilig ko bilang empleyado…

Personally, I get excited when I receive gifts. Regardless of the gift, the best ones to receive are those that are personalized. Adding this unique touch makes me feel remembered, cared for, and connected, which I really appreciated when I received my care package. I am grateful to have good company and to have a job where I can grow. I am most grateful that the ideal company that I hoped to work for way back then not only cares about the work I have done but also about my well-being.


I always thought that what makes a job worthwhile are the people you work with. I am thankful for them: my team, the different departments, and everyone at RareJob PH. They are interesting, fun people who have a can-do attitude towards everyone. No matter the mountains that my coworkers face, every one of them is determined to overcome them. I have not heard “I can’t” in my time here, only a willingness to figure out how to make the impossible possible. That inspiration makes my coming to work every day a treat. I am thankful to work at RareJob PH which not only values me and my contributions, but also gives me an opportunity to make an impact and affect change in the employees and the company itself.

Appreciation needs to be meaningful, frequent, and a core part of the organizational culture to have a real impact. This unique RareJob experience is one of the best gifts we can give to our employees. Letting them know we care for everyone, everywhere can boost company morale, and give them something positive to look forward to in an uncertain time.