RareJob Halloween Event: A BOO-tiful Day Full of Fun and Surprises!

by Jheza May Abalos | November 21, 2019

Employee Journals

RareJob has been one of the leading ESL companies in the country, and not only has it offered quality lessons to students, but this hip company also promotes work-life balance among its employees. Ever since I started working with RareJob, one thing that I’ve noticed (and experienced) is how it truly values its employees. RareJob has always shown as much concern to us as it does to our clients.

Working in this company has always been a blessing because it does not only promote employee values, but also camaraderie and family ties.

Every year, RareJob celebrates different events and activities that aim to attain employee engagement such as Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Year-end Party, and recently – Halloween.


Halloween may not be my favorite among them all, but it definitely is something that I always look forward to. Why? Because more than the office decorations and goodies for the kids, this event seems like a Family Day that adults and children alike enjoy. Employees are encouraged to bring their children, nephews, and nieces to work to enjoy trick-or-treating, fun games, a short program, and, of course, delicious snacks. Though I’m not yet a mother myself, I highly appreciate this event because I saw how both the guardians and the children were all having fun.


In addition to that, this event also promotes camaraderie among colleagues and friendly competition among the departments. Each one is given a chance to design their own area based on the annual theme of the event. I love how this activity helps unleash the creativity of each individual. Aside from the inter-department Halloween Booth Competition, to make the event more fun and exciting, each department is also encouraged to join the Spoof-making Competition where department members can share their hidden talents in acting!

I’ve been with RareJob Philippines for more than two years and counting, and I can still consider joining this company as one of the greatest blessings I have received.

In conclusion, I just appreciate how RareJob makes every effort to promote great values such as teamwork, creative thinking, friendly competition, and family ties. This company is an embodiment of work-life balance. I know that most, if not all, would agree with me if I say that employees are happy because we feel valued and appreciated. Indeed, we work WITH the company; not only FOR the company.