What makes a “rare” job: A look into an Applicant’s Perspective

by Aldrin Daniel Paraso | July 17, 2020

Employee Journals

After recently leaving my previous company, I found myself in between jobs and looking for a better career opportunity. To my surprise, one of the companies I have been trying to apply to before had a similar opening to the position I wanted: Junior Web Developer.


I was actually fearful because of the current state of our country, the community I belonged to, as well as my current state, being in quarantine and not being able to move as freely as before. I feared that I might not be able to find work amidst the effects brought upon by the pandemic of COVID-19. But because RareJob gives chances for everyone, everywhere, I had an opportunity, and I am grateful that I took it. 

The New Normal for Online Screening

The screening process I experienced now was very much different from my past experiences mainly because everything was done online. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 and with quarantine guidelines in place, I did not have to brave the commute to get to the office for the interview.  It is more convenient since I was able to save time and stay at home, properly prepare for the interviews ang get rid of application jitters, and I could participate with more confidence since I am in a more familiar environment. It is also a plus that the company places the utmost priority in keeping the applicant’s safety.


Even if RareJob stated that they were conducting this temporary online screening set-up for the first time, and me being part of the pioneer batch, it felt as if they have already refined the process and knew exactly what they were doing. I couldn’t believe it because they handled it with such prowess.


For the position of Junior Web Developer, I underwent a few interviews. First is the usual getting-to-know with HR wherein they asked me about my background and relevant experience while maintaining the online atmosphere inviting, which in turn made me feel comfortable talking about myself. Next is a more technical interview related to the role of Web Developer wherein I was given a technical exam and was interviewed by the team leader and some team members. Lastly, after I passed the initial interviews, I was then interviewed by the manager of the team. Throughout the screening process, they were very punctual and strict when it came to time and I respect that a lot.


I think the effectiveness of anything done purely online will depend on how well communication can be established between the two parties. In my case, I believe it was effective since the recruiters were able to convey their messages properly and get their points across very clearly. They were also approachable when I needed to ask some questions. I was actually curious as to how RareJob would pull off this fully online screening process since it was my first time experiencing something like this. They were able to handle it quite well amidst the challenges that they faced.


A Greenhorn's Point of View

Upon starting my employment, I received a very warm welcome from the team and immediately felt that I belonged.


During my first week, I underwent the basic New Employee Orientation and was guided with basic tasks related to my position. Concerning training, I experienced some difficulty due to the lack of face-to-face contact with the person I was talking to, the main mode of communication being online, which consumes more time and effort than meeting in person. Electronic learning materials shared with me by my coworkers accompanied by their guidance were the main sources of information and knowledge transfer. Their willingness coupled with my previous experience in this type of set-up really helped me overcome this bottleneck I encountered.


RareJob really knows how to take care of its new hires. Despite the work-from-home setup, you really feel as if you’re part of something big – that you belong to the family. The coordinators of my NEO (New Employee Orientation) were very kind and explained everything that a new hire should know about the company very efficiently and with ease. They were much like the recruiters, warm, and easy to approach. And you will feel comfortable around them (even if not literally.)

For future aspiring applicants that will go through what I went through: It is not easy at the start.

You may experience difficulty explaining yourself or talking to people, but that’s fine. Take it step by step and you’ll be able to get it done. Take it easy, but set your eyes on the goal. Be resilient and believe in your abilities. Strive to be better in all your endeavors!


Despite the limitations that the work-from-home setup brings — I still experienced everybody’s oneness to the company’s mission and vision, and that makes it easy for them to pass off that radiance and sense of purpose to those they come in contact with, online or offline, be it coworkers and new hires.


I am thankful for this opportunity, and I am proud to be a part of RareJob who stayed true to their vision of creating chances for everyone, everywhere!