Witnessing Connection and Legacy: The Magic of Hosting a Live Event

by Eugene Dominguez | December 22, 2023

Employee Journals

I was hired in July 2022, and I am currently part of the Applicant Evaluation Team. From my perspective, our role is simple yet crucial to the company; interviewing tutor applicants to check their English proficiency. It is difficult at times, but not impossible, especially after I got used to the daily routine.

Working from home, I seldom experience adjusting to sudden changes at work, and I often find ways to cope with issues whenever they occur. This has honestly made my daily experience here comfortable so far. With most of my interactions done remotely, it was to my excitement that a face-to-face event was finally happening. I wanted to finally meet the people from other departments whom I have only ever interacted with through chat and calls, which I must admit is something I did not have a lot of opportunities to do.


The RareJob Year-end Party (YEP) for 2023 was fun, but the preparations as one of its hosts made me feel nervous given that I already had a lot on my plate. But much like any event in my life, I simply powered through it, and whenever I truly needed help, I always had my friends by my side. I am happy that it went as successfully as it did. I have only been a host for online events, so being one during the YEP 2023 was a good learning experience.

The hosts, Sam, Z, and I, had to study the script, but we were also advised that at any given moment in time, even during the event, the script could change drastically, which was something that I should be used to. Fortunately, my co-hosts were my best friends from high school to college, which added a bit more to our dynamic.


The event’s theme was an all-white party, which was fittingly named “White Festival.” Everyone was dressed in stunning white outfits, which was quite a wonderful sight. Being up on stage and seeing real people and hosting in real-time for the first time in years, honestly made me nervous, but I held on to the mic and did what we had been rehearsing for.

As a host, you must be always active and ready to be aware of sudden changes. Whenever I messed up, I just made it seem part of the script. I am just glad I had my co-hosts / best friends with me. Unfortunately, some parts of the event were cut due to time constraints.


Luckily, there were some downtimes for us to enjoy the event, which I was grateful for. We got to mingle with the other attendees, and I ran into some of the RJ tutor staff I interviewed. I would never have had such an opportunity to meet them in person if not for the YEP.

Overall, the YEP 2023 for RareJob was amazing. There were laughs and cheers all around and I got to make new friends. I had a lot of fun bonding times with my close friends, both during practice and at the event itself. In my opinion, it is important to always celebrate events like this because it allows us to relax, unwind, and look back at what we have accomplished, as well as appreciate all the experiences we have been through.


To those who are given an opportunity to, or are planning on hosting events, remember to take the time to get to know the team you are working with, especially your co-hosts. They will be the ones to watch over, help, support, and guide you. Enjoy it and have fun!