A Few Months In: A Fresh Graduate’s Journey So Far

by Kia Gimeno | April 26, 2023

Employee Journals

My journey began when I was just a second year college student with a lot of financial baggage wearing me down. Normally, one can rely on their parents to shoulder these academic expenses, but I didn’t want to bother mine any further so I decided to take matters into my own hands. My Lolo Enteng played a major role in creating that mentality as he had always said ‘May paa at mga kamay ka, magtrabaho ka, ‘di yung asa ka ng asa sa iba, hindi ka naman lampa.’ Obviously this was not directed at me, but it does make sense, generally speaking. My father also tried tutoring before I did, which gave me the idea of applying to RareJob. I tried it and quickly found out how it was flexible enough to match my student schedule at the time.

Two years later, I’ve managed to pay all of my college tuition through hard work. I graduated and decided to take a well-earned rest for 6 months while continuing my tutor job on the side. Come January 2023, I’ve decided to end my vacation and look for jobs that were more stable, since being at home working as a tutor became somewhat repetitive and dull. I needed a job that could take me to places where I can grow, socialize, and explore new possibilities – that was when I came up with an idea to apply as a full-time employee at RareJob Philippines, Inc.

Shortly after, the hiring manager in charge of the position I applied for sent an email suggesting an alternative role, since the one I was applying for initially was already closed. Engagement Associate was the position she suggested to me at the time, and since I just want to get out of the house and be active, I took the chance without a second thought.

The position seemed interesting, and I just wanted to explore at that time, so I went for it even though I had no prior experience being in that position. I’d rather be uncomfortable exposing myself to new opportunities rather than limiting my own capacity just because it did not pique my interest.

Fast forward, I’m now proudly a part of the Engagement Team, focusing on events and tutor-related initiatives. It has already been more than a month since I joined, but so far, I am enjoying every single thing my job has to offer.


Just to talk about my application process, there were a lot of interviews going on and it couldn’t be helped that I was a little nervous about them. But then, when I got the chance to meet the people who interviewed me, I noticed how warm and approachable they were, and suddenly my nervousness was nearly non-existent. The application process was somewhat the same, technically speaking. Job openings are often seen on the company website and applicants can just send their resumes there; it was quick and easy.

The time I was still getting into the team, there was a pre-event period where everybody was focusing on setting up that particular major event. Being the newly hired events person, I was involved in all of it, getting invited to meetings and observing everything I could learn. I was then shadowed by my senior coworker in everything, but I noticed that when I joined the team, everything was already moving very fast because of the upcoming event. It felt like merging into traffic with racecars, and I only had a tricycle. Honestly, I was challenged and scared, but also anxious and confident – it was an emotional rollercoaster ride for me for my first month on the job.

My superior always mentioned that communication is extremely important within the team, that there are no tasks that are completely isolated, and that everything should be coordinated appropriately to the right people. I kind of like how she describes communication within the team as it is not something that you are forced to do like in typical kamustahan; it is somehow something that you need to do to be efficient. Though, we do still have random talks about life, which is kind of refreshing.

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I still make time for teaching, which I do in the morning, around 5am to 8am. This has become a habit of mine from my experience as a working student for two years. I’m a tutor because I adore my students; they are all so nice and they kept me sane throughout my college life. Having different perspectives keeps my mind open every day, keeps my mind at peace and wanting to learn more. The benefit of keeping both positions is that I ultimately get extra income for my savings. I don’t really touch my tutor pay anymore as my employee salary is already enough for my daily needs.

So far, it has been a very exciting and anxious experience. To be honest, the team has gone through a lot, and because of that I wouldn’t want to drag them down in any way so I work hard and do my best every day. Everyone starts somewhere, but this is not an internship where mistakes are completely okay; this is a job and even though I am new, I am expected to rise from work difficulties faster. Apart from me liking planning events and doing logistics for future ones, I find this job exciting because there may be opportunities to be included in activities in faraway venues, which means travel opportunities inside the Philippines.

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Even though I’m working both as an employee and as a tutor, I make sure not to procrastinate, a habit I steered clear from ever since I was a working student. Since my tasks are scheduled, I wouldn’t want to bother my future self by giving poorly written outputs at the last minute. When it comes to my time, I was a bit sad that I couldn’t do some of my usual activities during the day anymore, but I’ve since adjusted, and now it’s no longer a problem for me. I love being a work-from-home staff because I get to work in a comfortable environment which includes a good work chair, my air conditioner, and mom’s cooking.

So for those who were in the same job seeking boat as me a couple of months ago, my advice is not to focus on a single industry; explore and send out your resume as much as you can. If you get rejected, keep in mind that there will be better opportunities out there, and a company that will see your value. All you have to do is seek it, put yourself out there, and never restrain yourself to what society tells you to be.

You are what you want to be, and who you will be.

To end, I would like to leave a quote from one of my favorite war strategists and commanders:

“The tragedy is not to die, but to be wasted.” – Hannibal Barca

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