Right at Home: Becoming the Team’s Big Sis

by Ma. Bernadette Capiz | May 25, 2023

Employee Journals

My journey in RareJob began in 2021. I had just left my teaching position and was looking for a change of pace. Ever since high school, teaching has always been my dream profession, and It has always been my goal to shape young minds. However, with a heavy heart, I had to walk away from it because it was proving to be more taxing than anyone could ever expect.

At the height of the pandemic, looking for a new job was quite a challenge. There were very limited opportunities, and I wasn’t the only one who was looking for a job amid the health crisis. Most of the job postings then were related to the BPO industry, which, as I have learned the hard way, I was not cut out for.

I found RareJob when I was no longer looking for work. A friend whom I met when I was training for a BPO company sent me a message regarding an opportunity to work at RareJob. She thought I would be the right fit for the position, thus connecting me to one of the employees.

I reached out to my friend’s acquaintance, but unfortunately, the initial position was already filled. She shared with me the other open position, which was the Recruiter. I was reluctant at first since I had my heart set on the other position; however, I realized that as a recruiter, I could still accomplish my goal of shaping young minds at the backend by assisting the aspiring tutors and helping them be one step closer to helping English language learners. I grabbed the opportunity to secure the position, and in less than a month, I was hired.


As a newcomer to a team where everybody seems to know each other very well, it was challenging to blend in. I was shy about reaching out to them at first, but my teammates were very accommodating and approachable. Even before I asked for help, they had already offered their assistance. During the days when I was still learning the ropes of my tasks, my teammates at the time would even set up Google Meet sessions so they could properly address my inquiries.

Working together online is no easy feat, but it was even more challenging for me to form a bond with people I haven’t even met in person. I had to find common ground with my teammates, which was made easy by our merienda sessions. Every Friday, we have a 30-minute break time where we meet online through Google Meet and talk while having snacks. In this short 30-minute recess, I got to know each and every one of them little by little. We talked about movies, music, gaming, pets, and, at times, even our personal lives. Eventually, our merienda sessions became something that I looked forward to since we could not meet in person yet due to travel restrictions.

As time flew by, the team had to go through changes. When the team restructured and some others left, I had to put on the big girl shoes and be the team’s big sister. From being the team baby, my role changed, and now I am the one guiding the newcomers and making sure that they feel at home and welcomed into the team. It was a scary role for me at first, but whenever I look back to the time when I was the one in their shoes, I remember how lucky I felt to have had someone to rely on when I was feeling clueless.


As a big sister in real life, I know that there are days when I feel the need to have someone who has my back. When I joined the team in 2021, I felt so secure that my teammates had my back when I needed them. I wanted this spirit to live on, which is why I always encourage my present teammates to communicate with one another so we can know how we can be of help when it is needed.

One of my teammates used to tell me that I was always on, which meant that I seemed to be always be jolly and positive. I never seem to run out of energy. Nowadays, I use this energy and share it with the team to cheer them on, especially during the days when most of us feel strained. During days when I myself feel worn out, I spend some time to recharge by pampering myself with good food, quality drinks, and a good movie or series. Because of the work-from-home arrangement in place, instead of spending time stuck in traffic, I get to enjoy my time after work doing stuff and activities I like the most, which allows me to replenish my energy.

Even with most of the original team members gone, the merienda session lives on, and every Friday, like clockwork, I meet with our team to talk about our week. We even plan trips outside of work, and with the restrictions lifted, we meet in person from time to time to dine, watch movies, and have drinks together. I am always excited to spend time with them, as it helps bring the team closer together, which allows us to collaborate better when we are working.


I feel so blessed to have fostered a sibling-like relationship with my teammates where we can rely on each other. This is something that aspiring recruiters can look forward to when they join us. To those who wish to be part of our team, my advice is to not only focus on the technical skills but also on the soft skills, such as being a team player. There are a lot of qualified applicants who possess the technical skills required to become recruiters, but not everyone has the capacity to become a team player.

I used to always ask myself, “What will I bring to the table?” Now I realize that the better question to ask is, “What will I bring to the table that will impact the team positively?” As Barbara Glacel said, “A team is more than a collection of people. It is a process of give and take.

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