The “New Normal” in Recruitment: Getting Creative in Hiring

by Isabelle Altavas | October 19, 2020

Employee Journals

With the hiring demand still going strong despite the ongoing community quarantine in the country, recruiters from different companies are faced with the ultimate concern:

How will our company stand out amidst thousands of competitors with the single goal of onboarding quality talents that will benefit our employer?

I have been with RareJob as a member of the Talent Acquisition Team for more than 5 years now. I’ve seen the company grow, literally, from having quite a small number of staff during assemblies to filling in large venues to the brim. I have been assigned to hire various types of employees from the corporate, operations and technical fields. Aside from that, our team is also in-charge of onboarding new staff in terms of assisting them in processing their requirements, orienting them about the company background, and as well as processing secondees from our main JP office.

During the quarantine period, we have adapted by converting our hiring process online, from the sourcing up until the start of employment. The progress of applicants is shared within the members of our team during weekly meetings so that should there be any unforeseen issues, one can take over the screening process until it has been solved.


We have announced this transition in our social media page, as well as in the job ads that we post monthly. It is also made sure that we lay it out to all applicants during the screening invitations and the interviews which contributed to the surge in applications since it’s more convenient for them to do it online. In this way, we take into consideration all parties’ safety and we make sure to be with them every hiring step especially if they have concerns or queries.


Another issue we are currently addressing is distinguishing that RareJob Philippines, Inc. offers office-based job opportunities (for back-office staff) as opposed to RareJob Inc. which handles hiring for tutors. I would say that over the years, we were able to initially establish this to our target audience. We have also built a reputation of being a fun, laid-back but professional company which I can say is our strength in terms of branding.


In order to address both, we make sure that on top of the traditional hiring methods in place, we also have creative initiatives for stronger online visibility and wider applicant reach. During the previous months before quarantine, we have joined multiple job fairs, had tie-ups with third party institutions, and hosted talks in our Quezon Avenue office.

For this year, we hosted an online webinar with the title “RJPH: Up Close”.


Its main purpose is to equip attendees with the relevant knowledge about the company’s office-based openings by providing them with the history, background, and department specifics. It was recently held last September 18, 2020 via a Zoom meeting platform. We opened this event to all interested parties via a registration link in our social media account as well as made it live on Facebook for better reach in terms of views.

The webinar proper consisted of three parts: first, a brief background of the company’s humble beginnings followed by an overview of the different back-office internal divisions, their main tasks and responsibilities. Lastly, we invited employees from each division to talk about their jobs, what makes it unique as well as entertained some questions from the attendees.


Our guest speakers were able to answer questions ranging from topics like the working environment, what jobs are best fit for the attendees’ backgrounds, and benefits (monetary and non-monetary). Here are a few:

Q: How did RareJob PH take care of its employees during the pandemic?

“As soon as the ECQ was announced, we were allowed to work from home. They issued company laptops and other devices necessary for work and gave us additional allowances to help with expenses.” (Reg Mallari, Content Developer)



Q: What are the things you enjoy most about your job?

“People in the company have one thing in common: passion. I’ve spoken with a lot of people in RJ and I can feel that they are passionate with what they are doing and that they are having fun.” (Gio Perez, Business Analyst)

“RareJob gives you the opportunity to develop your skills (career growth) in your chosen specialization.” (Christian Venus, IT Solutions Staff)

“When I first entered the office, I actually felt the welcoming youthful yet professional vibe ng office and the staff .” (Sage Gaurano, Communications Associate)


I could say that this being our first online event, there were a lot of nerves prior to it but we, together with the facilitator and guest speakers, have pulled it off to the best of our abilities. There was constant communication done online, preparations were sufficient and their willingness to be able to make the opportunity to be a RareJob employee known to others was there which contributed a lot to the successful end result.


In RareJob, we see the potential in our current employees to be part of events like these, may it be for their personal growth, company growth, or the simple act of making them feel part of the company’s vision “Chances for everyone. everywhere”. 

From our hiring team to you, our future applicants, we would love to assist you in being part of a company wherein you get the best of both worlds: a job you’ll excel in and love doing, and an organization which will support you all the way!